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DML Capital

DML Capital is a Houston based private equity firm focused primarily on the development and acquisition of retail real estate assets within the Texas triangle. DML’s approach to acquisitions requires that the acquired assets present opportunities for value addition or turnaround, and the initial valuation should be such that the asset can generate enduring, stable returns capable of weathering market fluctuations.

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Client Testimonials

Read first hand experiences from our satisfied clients who have entrusted DML Capital with their real estate needs.

Zeeshan M.
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I have been investing with DML for about 10 years. Compare to my other investments, DML has performed exceptionally well for me. Their projects, due diligence, locations, acquisition plan, exit strategy are well thought out. More importantly, their transparency, reliability and response rate is impeccable. I remain excited about continue to grow with the DML team!
Naushad K.
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One of my first investments was with DML. It was a hard move to give money to someone else and allow them to manage it. But since I knew the guys involved it made it easier. Even better was when they doubled my money in a short 4 months in the first investment I did with them. Since then I have never looked back and have joined most of their projects. They have always delivered on their projections and then some. Many other groups have done cash calls for shortages however in my 8 plus years of investing with them I have never had a call. Their approach is calculated and they mitigate the risk for the investors and are very active with all of their properties. Hands on, roll up your sleeve and Can do attitudes is what makes it fun investing with DML.
Leash Y.
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I have been investing with DML Capital since 2019.  For about a decade prior to my first investment, I was invited to invest in previous projects by Sajjid, and I declined.  After seeing years of missed opportunity, I finally decided it was time to invest, and I have not been disappointed.  

It seems that everything they touch turns to gold, but this is not luck.  Their ‘luck’ can be attributed to hard work and meticulous due-diligence.  I have heard horror stories of other investments that have capital calls or poor returns.  I have not experienced this with the DML Capital, and I am convinced it is due to their research and business intelligence.

If you have the opportunity to invest in one of the DML Capital projects, I would highly recommend participating.  They have consistently over-delivered on their promises.  6 out of 5 Stars.
Fayyazali M.
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Working with DML has been a pleasant experience. Anil, Sajjid and Saleem are all experienced investors and easy to work with. They are always available for any questions I have. My investments have all had success and I look forward to our journey together. I highly recommend DML to anyone looking to invest with a growing organization with simple and investor benefiting waterfall. 
Zanir M.
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Our family has been investing with DML for a decade. As time goes on, the DML team only gets better. They actively manage all investments to give investors peace of mind. They are always available and responsive. They invest their own money so you know they mean business. DML brings you real returns on your money and investing with them is a no-brainer.
Jeremy G.
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Entrusting our family’s funds to others was a daunting decision initially, but the assurance came from my familiarity with the individuals involved. The real turning point was the remarkable outcome – they managed to double my investment within a mere 6 months during our inaugural collaboration. This success set the stage for a long-lasting partnership, and I've since actively participated in various projects they've undertaken.

What distinguishes them is their consistent ability to meet and exceed financial projections. In my extensive 4+ years of investing with them, I've never encountered a situation where their approach wasn't well-calculated. Their hands-on management of properties, coupled with a proactive and can-do attitude, not only secures investments but also adds an element of enjoyment to the process. Investing with DML has proven to be a rewarding journey characterized by reliability, calculated strategies, and an engaging approach to property management and asset ownership.

I personally, unequivocally recommend investing with Sajjid Dawood, Anil Mohammed, and Saleem Lakhani, DML Capital.
Tray M.
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I am continually impressed by the discipline and competency that goes into each project selected. DML principals lead with their own capital and confidence prior to assembling a typically local investment group. The depth of diligence put forth to ensure the integrity of performance projections is exceeded only by the caretaking of each property and its tenants. Investors enjoy clear communication, timely returns, and an identifiable hold/sell strategy that delivers. DML’s formula for success is neither a surprise or revolutionary; it is rooted in detailed execution and hard work indicative of its leadership. I am grateful for the opportunity to diversify our real estate portfolio with a truly best-in-class group!
Jeff A.
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As an investor, I am consistently exploring avenues to generate passive income . DML has effectively fulfilled this objective by consistently introducing compelling projects and developments, offering substantial returns and ongoing opportunities for scalable growth. I anticipate a lasting collaboration with them and consider them among my preferred business partners. My gratitude extends to the entire team, and I eagerly anticipate engaging in numerous future ventures and successful opportunities together.

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